Emmaboda -quality of life in the heart of Småland

The region of Emmaboda, in the heart of Småland & the kingdom of Crystal, offers quality of life in a safe and pleasant environment especially for a family with children. Emmaboda offers a wide variety of sports and lovely surroundings that includes forests and lakes that gives the opportunity for exercise, swimming, fishing and all the experience of nature that this includes. We have a broad local knowledge and can assist our clients with solid information about experience, trips and outdoor activities in the region, especially in our own area of interest, nature and sport-fishing.

We are specialized in mediation of villas, homes, crofts and farms.

Emmaboda real estate agency is the leading real estate agency in the region and have been active in Emmaboda and the surrounding regions since 1968. With the companies 50 years as a local real estate agency and over 20 years of experience as a real estate agency in Emmaboda we create a genuine with buyers as well as sellers.

Emmaboda real estate agency have during the past 30 years mediated over 1.000 properties to foreign buyers and sellers mainly from Germany and Denmark. We possess the language skills and have great experience in sales to foreign citizens. In connection with the sale we always help our clients with the signing of house insurance, subscription transfer of electricity contracts & other practical issues that can occur in connection with the purchase.

Best Emmaboda Regards

Henrik Malmquist